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I am a licensed liquor distributor based in Pinetown. I specialise in craft products that are local and from micro businesses. All proudly South African. Supplying any licensed venue. Looking for an event setup, something different for a wedding day; or may be a conference group looking for a fun alternate activity, beer tasting and talk? I can assist.

Please see stock list below, and brief description of each beer available.

I do have other breweries available to order from too. I will also source any product you are struggling to find.

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Agent to assist restaurant and pubs in Durban:
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No ducking the goodness, supporting local craft business and drinking delivering great craft beer.

Umdoni Gold

Umdoni Gold is a Golden Ale brewed in the Belgian style to whet your whistle with the rich flavour of Carabelge Malt. This ale is finished with Cascade hops and slow fermented to produce a crisp, slightly fruity beer with a dry, bitter finish. ABV 3.5% Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit aroma (litchi and grapefruit). Hint of pepper spiciness, crisp clean finish with moderate bitterness

Befreckled Red

Befreckled Red is an Amber Ale brewed in the Irish Style to tickle your taste buds with the smooth harmony of Roasted Barley and Malt. This ale is finished with noble Fuggles Hops, resulting in an easy-drinking beer with slight notes of caramel and biscuit. ABV 3.5% Tasting Notes: No hop aroma, roasty caramel flavours, smooth light finish and low bitterness

Pennington Pride

Pennington Pride is an English Porter brewed with a touch of Smoked Malt to produce a full bodied dark beer with a distinctive smoky flavour. This beer is finished with East Kent Goldings hops to balance the sweet character of the dark kilned malts, leaving hints of coffee and chocolate on the palate. ABV 4.5% Tasting notes: Big smoky aroma; smoke flavour dissipates to dark roast coffee with bitter chocolate in the finish with moderate bitterness

Barking Blonde

Barking Blonde Ale is an easy-drinking beer, brewed for everyday enjoyment. Pale in colour, like a sandy beach in the summer sun, this single-malt, single-hop ale is the perfect accompaniment to outdoor socializing. Noble British hops combined with American yeast strains produce a beer that simply tastes like more…..but be warned : too many of these could make you barking mad! ABV 5.0% Tasting Notes: Banana and clove aroma (similar to Weiss), soft fruit flavour with light maltiness and lingering bitter finish

Winter – The Dogfather – Winter Beer

The Dogfather is a serious winter warmer designed to be sipped on a cold winters evening to fend off the cold and lift your spirits. A single batch is brewed in January each year and conditioned for four months to be ready in time for our antipodean winter. This beer is loaded with all the fruits and spices associated with the festive season, so you can think of it as Christmas in June. ABV 8% Tasting notes: Spicy aroma with dark stone fruits dominating, extremely complex flavour featuring spices, orange peel and dried fruits, alcohol warming and moderate bitterness.

Spring – Boondog Saints – South Coast Pale Ale

Boondog Saints is a South Coast Pale Ale (SPCA for dyslexics) specially brewed to be quaffed in the bursting forthness of spring. A traditional American Pale Ale crammed full of proudly South African hop varieties creating a crisp, sublime pale ale with massive hop aroma and flavour. Brace yourself for a double-barrelled blast of zesty passion fruit on this wild ride into summer. ABV 5% Tasting notes: Strong distinctive passion fruit aroma, flavourful balance between hop and caramel malt, crisp finish with low bitterness

Autumn – Resevoir Dog – American Brown Ale

Brewed to compliment the autumn season as Mother Nature slows down and leaves change colour. Big hop aromas balanced with sweet dark malty flavours, this beer will keep you coming back for more. So put your feet up and relax, slow down your life down a little and take the time to absorb the rich flavours of this new-world style. ABV 4.5% Tasting Notes: New world hop aroma, hint of chocolate, rich maltiness with moderate bitterness.

Contract brew Drafty Duck Lager

The Crafty Duck is a contract brew for Tegg Distribution. Deon was looking for a simple Lager to ease the non-craft drinker into the market. Andy of Basset brewery perfected Deon’s idea and created an easy drinking lager that does not accost the taste buds but still leaves the mouth full of flavour. A touch a citris and a hint of bittering honey.5%alc

Contract brew Drafty Duck Ale

The Duck’s ale is a bold summer drinking ale, as golden as the sinking sun on the Zululand waters, Brewed with African malt. Hopped with the cascade hop for a hint of citris to scent that sea breeze. Best enjoyed with your feet in the sand.4.5% alc

Contract brew Drafty Duck IPA

Another contract brew by Basset for Tegg Distribution coming in 2017.

Tiddly Toad Lager

Tiddly Toad is our premium Lager. Our lager has delicious fullness, and more fine hops than a hyperactive toad. But it’s light enough to ensure that no matter how much you drink, you’ll never feel like you’ve had enough. In fact, some Tiddly Toad fans believe that regular drinking of this brew gives you more years before you croak.

Whistling Weasel Pale Ale

Whilst imbibing Whistling Weasel Pale Ale, you may wonder just what makes it so tasty and invigorating. It’s not the finest quality hops, malt or barley. It’s not even the pure spring water that makes our Pale Ale so special. No, it’s got something to do with our whistling brewer, who believes that whistling a tune while tending his brew adds a dash of joy and light-heartedness to every glass. So there you have it.

Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner

It took months of careful fermentation and maturation to bring this excellent bottle of Pie-Eyed Possum to you. So savour it. Delight in the rich, bitter flavour and the noble hop bouquet. Designed for serious beer drinkers, this pilsner is also fairly high in alcohol. Which means that more than a few bottles might make you a bit unsteady on your feet. But don’t worry – should you find yourself unexpectedly horizontal; simply explain to your friends that you are playing Possum.

Pickled Pig Porter

Pickled Pig Porter is a full, dark beer, slightly bitter, and perfect for cold-weather drinking. It is also brewed with pure spring water, is rich in minerals, with no preservatives added. "So what?" you say. Well, that means that our delicious Porter is good for you – the more you drink, the better you feel. It also means that Pickled Pig won’t give you a hangover. So you can get as pickled as… well, as a pig, and feel fine tomorrow morning

Tipsy Tiger IPA

Did you know that our India Pale Ale was created out of necessity? One, a necessity to drink beer (obviously), and two, a necessity to keep it from going sour on the long, sea voyage from England to India all those years ago. The solution? Up the alcohol content and add it to an extra healthy dose of hops. 4.5%

Cappochino porter

It’s no coincidence that two of our favourite beverages are “brewed”. Both dark and delicious, and best enjoyed with a light, foamy head, it makes complete sense to put beer and coffee together! So let’s combine our famous Pickled Pig Porter with imported chocolate malts and a shot of smooth, dark roast Terbodore coffee. The result? An exquisite pick-me-up porter with a cappuccino finnish. Now when you arrive home a little pickled, you can look her in the eye and say with all honesty, “But I’ve been ordering Cappuccinos all night dear!” 4.5%

Samango Ale mango ale

Some might say we’re a bunch of fruitloops! Perhaps we are, but we sure as heck don’t just hang about like a bunch of idle simians waiting for good things to fall out the sky. Our brew masters are constantly coming up with fresh ideas to delight all different tastes. Eureka! A new, light and fruity mango ale! This delicate brew has the slight hopsy bitterness of an ale, with a malty sweet kiss of mango. You can be sure that after a few of these you’ll be having more fun than a barrel of monkeys! 4.1%

Wobbling Wombat summer ale

Short, largely nocturnal, with a tough rear hide, and unmistakably Australian! But enough about our CEO, let’s talk about our Wobbling Wombat Summer Ale. A crisp, floral hop aroma is paired with a clean bitterness to give you a refreshing ale that’s perfect for long sunny days. It’s so easy drinking in fact, that before you know it you may have slipped a few more into your pouch than expected and be singing Waltzing Matilda at the top of your voice! But don’t worry, we all know the words and will join right in. 4.1%

Flying Scotsman

A Marzen (dark) October fest Lager. Characterised by a medium to full body, a malty flavour, and clean dry finish.

Irish red Ale

Easy drinking, malt focussed with initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish. Served at low temperature the roasted character and bitterness will seem more elevated

Full Steam ahead

A crisp complex and well rounded refreshing Bohemian pilsner. Uses speciality malt barley as well as small percentage of wheat (gives rise to a slight cloudiness). Saaz hops give a distinctly soft rounded profile. Dextrin’s (insoluble sugar) provide additional body.

Locomotive Breath

A crisp complex and well rounded refreshing Dark pilsner. Uses speciality malt barley including Caraaroma giving this pilsner a fuller body, improved malt aroma and a deep saturated reddish colour. This distinguishes it from the widely accepted and enjoyed Pale Pilsner. The Saaz hop gives rise to a distinctly soft rounded profile. Dextrin’s (insoluble sugar) provide additional body.

Iron Horse

A Weiss beer with a strong malt fruity wheat base (contributes to characteristic cloudiness); Ale combining the best flavours of the Dunkelweizen and the rich strength of a bock

North Coast Steam

A Belgium Pale Ale with a combination of toasty biscuit, or nutty and a touch of light caramel or honey. Moderate fruitiness with an orange- or pear-like character. Low to moderate hop character of spicy, herbal or floral with background level peppery, spicy phenols. Amber to copper in colour with a creamy head that fades quicker than other Belgium beers ABV 4.8%

Piston Broke

A Belgium Witbier. Plenty of banana and cloves.

Dolphins Tale

A Strawberry infused Pale ale using real strawberries. Not sweet, not pink! Good hint of strawberry flavour with all the fullness of a pale ale.

Winkle Weiss

This crisp beer which may have slight bubblegum, banana or clove flavours, depending on your pallet. Our Weiss is well balanced, meaning that none of these flavours should sand out above the other. A Weiss beer should pour a little cloudy. 5.1%

Pulpit Pilsner

This is another light crisp beer which is not too bitter and not to sweet. A Pilsner or lager should have a higher level of carbonation than most other beers, and should pour crystal clear. As with our Weiss, our Pilsner is well balanced with slight Saaz and Hellertauer hop flavours. 5.5%

Toti Black

This is our dark Porter. It has loads of roasted coffee flavours and may also have a hint of floral or fruity flavours depending on your pallet. The beer should pour with a smooth creamy head.5.5%

Hamilton Hammer

This is typical American amber ale. There should be distinct roasted caramel flavours which usually manifest as candyfloss or litchi fruit. The beer pours with a beautiful clear amber colour and creamy ale head, There will be a long clean bitter aftertaste.5.8%

Toti Gold

This is an American pale ale bordering on an IPA in terms of fruitiness and bitterness. The beer pours a beautiful golden honey colour and finishes with a long clean bitter aftertaste.5.5%


This is our Indian Pale Ale. IPA’s are traditionally the most hopped of all beers and therefore will taste of various fruits and generally be bitter. A good IPA should have a good balance between fruit and bitterness. Hopstrosity pours slightly cloudy, due to all the hop oils. The beer should taste strongly of sun-ripe oranges, passion fruit or guavas, depending on your pallet, and also has a long clean bitter aftertaste.6.8%

Baggies Bitter

Based on an English Brown ale: Full description to follow.

White Dog Saison

A strong beer, pale orange in colour, that is brewed in the style of Belgian farmhouse ale. The taste and aroma shows complex fruit and spice. This Saison is well hopped and finishes dry with a quenching acidity. 5.5%

Jozi Blonde

This Blonde Ale is a smooth, easy-to-drink beerWith some fruity notes from cascade hops. Light honey malt rounds out this friendly, thirst-quenching beer. 4.5% Alc/Vol 440ml

Red Ale

Agar’s Red Ale is styled on the American Amber, and is very drinkable with loads of citrus and spicy hop flavours. This is a medium to full-bodied beer with significant caramel richness.5% Alc/Vol 440ml

American Pale Ale

This smooth and satisfying Pale Ale is a clean, fresh and hoppy beer. There is a good balance between the bready biscuit malt and the citrus floral aromas. 5.2% Alc/Vol 440ml

Jack Tar Esb 1850

This is a flavourful yet refreshing session beer. Roasted coffee and caramel malt flavours are balanced by noble English hops to deliver this moreish, easy-drinking amber ale. 4.5% Alc/Vol 440ml

Black Mamba Stout

Dark, full-bodied roasted ale with a silky mouth feel. Brooding dark chocolate and a cappuccino flavour combined with subtle fruit and earth notes from noble English hops. 5% Alc/Vol 440ml

Tomahawk Ipa

Agar's Tomahawk IPA is a hop-head's delight, exuberantly unbalanced with aggressive bitterness and juicy, citrusy hop flavours. The malt profile is generally clean and simple with just enough caramel sweetness to provide support. 6.5%

Wild Berry Ale

A refreshing summer ale that combines premium malt and hops with fresh strawberries and raspberries. Well-balanced with berry colour, aroma and finish, it pairs well with summer salads, fresh air and lazy sunny afternoons under the African sky.4.5%

Golden Ale

Traditional easy drinking golden Ale.Full description to follow

Lone Lager

This is a dark Altbier style beer. Easy drinking, smooth and refreshing. Slow fermented in the “alt” (old) German style. Rich, malty and long in the palate; with just the right amount of premium hops for perfect balance.5% alc


IBC Ale (Inmind Brewing Co) – This is an English Ale made with English Hops and low carbonation. Lovely clean copper colour and more to the bitter side with a light citrusy aroma. 5%alc

Hakkiesdraad Mampoer

Oom Martens se Kettle. 4 Flavours of Mampoer spirits at 50% abv. Not for the faint hearted. Marula, Peach, Litchi and Cherry

Single Malt Whisky

Pure malt, pot stilled whisky. The Single Malt by law has to be matured for at least 3 years but may well only be released after 5 years. Similar in style to those that made the Highlands and Islay regions of Scotland famous; Only Drayman’s is on the Highveld of SA.

Drayman’s Solera Whisky.

This is a unique blend of imported Scotch Whiskies with high malt content that are further Solera matured at Drayman’s in French oak casks , traces of the very first whisky placed in the Solera will still be present even after 50 or 100 cycles!

Honigjager Liqueur

African Honey Liqueur matured in oak whisky casks, providing unsurpassed intensity of rich and spicy honey flavours.

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